A new Government! New Employment Rights?

The U.K. has a new Government and Prime Minister.
What might this mean for #HR moving forward?

Labour have discussed the following both in their manifesto and during the election campaign:

✅ Fundamental change to unfair dismissal rights
✅Big changes to zero hour contracts (potential ban?)
✅Changes to national living wage
✅Flexible working updates
✅Changes to employee/worker status
✅Statutory sick pay waiting days
✅Strengthened family friendly rights
✅ and more.....

The new Government has committed to bringing in change FAST - this has the potential for huge impact for #employers - particularly small and medium sized employers who may not feel prepared.

Don't worry, the team at #HRAW have been keeping a close eye during the campaign and will be jumping on all the Government's new announcements as they arrive.

Are you an employer who wants to stay ahead of the curve? Contact HRAW today and let us help you navigate the potential changes coming down the track!