Are you continuing to protect vulnerable employees?

In the case of Prosser v Community Gateway Association Limited, Ms Prosser (who was on a zero hours contract) confirmed that she was pregnant to her employer just after the initial COVID lockdown. Whilst Ms Prosser wanted to continue working during her pregnancy, her employer did not offer her shifts as a result of following Read more about Are you continuing to protect vulnerable employees?[…]

Employers in the U.K., Isle of Man and Channel Islands

We are here to help! We are employment and employee relations specialists based in Surrey. We advise across the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man providing accurate, consistent and informed advice, encompassing employment, employee relations, human resources and health & safety, that is straightforward, commercial and practical. With the right advice, that explains the Read more about Employers in the U.K., Isle of Man and Channel Islands[…]

Comments during Interview

Businesses should always ensure that any comments they make (whether said out loud or written down) should be suitable, professional and accurate. It is important to remember that even if the candidate is unsuccessful at gaining employment with yourselves, they could still make a claim for discrimination or, as in the case below, cause huge Read more about Comments during Interview[…]