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In the UK, more than 112,000 people of working age are diagnosed with cancer each year. ‘Working age’ generally means people aged from 16 to 64. Macmillan also estimates there are 700,000 employees caring for someone with cancer in the UK.

Work is important for many people with cancer or caring for someone with cancer, for lots of reasons. Going to work can give a sense of normality to their life, and it can also help with recovery.

Managers and employers play an important role in supporting people with cancer and their carers. This can often be done by making reasonable adjustments to the workplace or working patterns. But you may not always feel confident about how best to support them. This may be because of practical issues, or because the situation emotionally affects you. There is information and support available to help you.

Some simple first steps could be to:

  • check your policies are up to date
  • provide training for managers
  • educate employees
  • raise awareness of cancer.

Supporting employees affected by cancer can make a huge difference to them. It can also mean you meet your legal obligations and has many benefits for organisations.

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If you are an employer, you’re likely to face managing employees affected by cancer in the workplace. Managers and colleagues might need supporting too. Whatever your needs, we’ve got an option for you. Sign up today >

Macmillan at Work provides:

  • Expert training
  • Consultancy
  • Information and support
  • Resources, including our e-newsletter and free work and cancer toolkit.


Expert training

By joining Macmillan at Work, you’ll have the opportunity to book our specialist work and cancer training sessions for your line managers and HR professionals.

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