2nd May 2017

H&S Services

Health & Safety

Our health & safety professionals work closely with our clients to identify appropriate courses of action for any issue. Our service ranges from updating H&S policies to ensure they are compliant to the investigation of a serious accident. All our solutions implement client strategy as quickly and safely as possible. We always ensure we are available to assist with the implementation of any agreed approach.


Safety 365

Our Safety 365 service offers your business peace of mind from knowing that our H&S advisors are available to you 24 hours, 365 days of the year. 365 clients are given an exclusive out of hours emergency telephone number that connects them directly with an on-call advisor.


H&S Consultancy – “When you need that one-off bit of advice, and you need it now”

If you don’t want to sign up for an on-going contract, and you would rather just pay for any work we do as it happens, then we have an option for you!Consultancy contracts enable you to engage us on a project, to undertake specific assessments, or perhaps just to write a technically challenging report…

Once the job is finished, that’s the end of that…..!

Some of the areas in which we can assist:
Under the Health & Safety legislation, most employers must prepare a written health & safety policy statement including the health & safety organisation and arrangements in place. We will either review your current documentation, should you have any, and make amendments or we will create a health & safety policy that ensures you are up to date with current health & safety legislation in your jurisdiction. Our service also includes creation or review of method statements, environmental policy, action plans, food safety documents/HACCP plan, asbestos management plans, infection control.
Most employers have a duty to identify and assess the risks to health and safety to which their employees are exposed at work. Our services include assessments of risk, display screen equipment, fire compliance, hazardous chemicals, land for shooting, new and expectant mothers’ working conditions, noise monitoring.
Health and safety policies need to be actioned by your employees or they are dead documents. We can inspect your premises to ensure that your H&S strategy is being carried out at all levels before any Inspectors visit you. Our services include site visits, premises inspections, machinery inspections, environmental audits, food audits, access audits including disability.
For those businesses without a dedicated health and safety officer, we can provide an outsourced service that attends your business on a regular basis to ensure that you are compliant with the law. Alternatively, we can attend to offer advice and support to those with in-house health and safety officers. Our services include attendance at safety committee meetings, project co-ordination for construction services, health and safety liaison meetings, accident investigation and liaison with States of Jersey Inspectors and/or insurers.