2nd May 2017

HR Services

HR/Employment & Employee Relations

We have a range of services which are flexible and adaptable to suit employers of varying sizes, industries and cultures. Everything we do (regardless of the service you choose) is time recorded so that if you request a specific breakdown of work undertake – that’s no problem!


Advisory 365 – “As much advice and assistance as you can manage for a fixed cost”

If you are looking for as much ‘on-call 24/7’ advice as you can get then Advisory 365 is for you. You sign up to a contract with us, with a fixed monthly cost, and for this, you can contact us as much as you wish at any time for help, advice and assistance.That’s not the end – we will also prepare HR documentation – such as procedural letters, correspondence and forms for you. The day to day administration of your HR function is taken care of, so you can get on with running your business.

If you want us to attend at your business, run investigations/ conduct meetings, undertake project work or replace documentation for example, then we will agree a separate arrangement beforehand that suits your requirements.

Advisory 365 is your one stop shop if you just want your HR ‘covered’.


Business Partnering – “Your virtual HR team”

If you want a ‘pay as you go’ service with cost certainty and fixed costs then business partnering might be for you.You initially purchase a set number of hours (which are charged at a reduced rate) that you can either pay for up front or in equal monthly instalments over a 12 month period.

When you use these hours and what you use them for* is totally up to you. We are able to integrate with your employees and act as your vitual HR department so that your employees work with us as if we were internal (whilst you enjoy the massive cost savings of no salary payments, employee tax and National Insurance/Social Security) or we could run a process for you (disciplinary, grievance, appraisal, redundancy etc) or we can simply be at the end of the phone for advice and assistance.

Business Partnering can be taken by itself or as a ‘top-up’ to Advisory.

*There are one or two exceptions – such as Tribunal Representation and Compromise Agreements.



Consultancy – “When you need that one-off bit of advice, and you need it now”

If you don’t want to sign up for an on-going contract, and you would rather just pay for any work we do as it happens, then we have an option for you!Consultancy contracts enable you to engage us on a project, to run a process, or perhaps just to write a technically challenging letter…

Once the job is finished, that’s the end of that…..!ad1

Tribunal Representation

Should you find that a complaint has been made against your business at an Employment Tribunal, we can act as your representative at conciliation, in preparing a response, at preliminary Tribunal meetings and at any subsequent tribunal hearing. We are with you every step of the way ensuring that you meet the deadlines imposed by the tribunal process, preparing your defence as efficiently as possible and putting your case clearly and effectively at a hearing.

Some of the areas in which we can assist:


Employee Lifecycle
 We support you so you can support your employees from before they start to after they leave. Our services include support and advice regarding recruitment and selection, psychometric and occupational testing, offer letters, contracts of employment, probation letters, development and training needs analysis, severance documents, restrictive covenants, termination and post-termination.

Day-to-Day HR Support

We offer day-to-day HR support that means you don’t have to employ a full time HR professional, with the associated costs. Every employee and every employment issue is different. Between our HR and employment specialists, we have a diverse range of experience from a variety of industries and workplaces. This makes us uniquely qualified to support our clients’ HR requirements.

Specialist Advice

When businesses change through buy-outs, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and/or close downs, it is easy to overlook the employees in the high pressure, high level negotiations of the board room. We provide businesses with support at these times so that change happens smoothly. Our services include support and advice regarding employment relations (including union recognition), collective negotiation, business restructuring, transfer of employment and novations (tri-party consultations).

Your documentation is key to communicating effectively with your employees. Tell us what you want to say and, using our experience, we will provide your business with HR documents that communicate your intentions and comply with the law. Our HR documents include statements of employment terms, staff handbooks, policies and procedures, directors’ service agreements, compromise agreements, service level agreements, tri-party agreements.


When things go wrong with the employment relationship, investigations into what has happened can drain management time. Our services support your business at this critical time ensuring that investigations are carried out swiftly, fairly and in line with the law. Our services include supporting your business by carrying out investigations, minute taking at interviews, scripts and letters for discrimination, disciplinary, grievance, performance, capability and sickness issues, return to work interviews.

HR Strategy

We can assist in the process of thinking strategically about your workforce. With our experience of what can go wrong in a business, we can see the pitfalls in a strategy that others miss. Our services include risk assessment, design of performance management and reward & compensation systems, employee development advice.