Are you continuing to protect vulnerable employees?

In the case of Prosser v Community Gateway Association Limited, Ms Prosser (who was on a zero hours contract) confirmed that she was pregnant to her employer just after the initial COVID lockdown. Whilst Ms Prosser wanted to continue working during her pregnancy, her employer did not offer her shifts as a result of following Read more about Are you continuing to protect vulnerable employees?[…]

But it’s just the menopause – isn’t it?

In the case of Rooney v Leicester City Council,  the Employment Appeal Tribunal ruled that an earlier judgment of a Tribunal was incorrect when it did not classify menopausal symptoms as a disability. This is a new area of law but employers should be mindful that an employee ‘simply’ going through the menopause may well Read more about But it’s just the menopause – isn’t it?[…]

No Jab, No Job

There has been much in the UK news about the so-called ‘no jab, no job’ policy intended to be rolled out by some employers – is this legal? Can they do this? What are the options? Unlike other countries, there are significant legal obligations placed on employers that make a ‘no jab, no job’ policy Read more about No Jab, No Job[…]


All Equal at Tesco?

Female workers in Tesco stores are arguing that they have failed to receive equal pay when compared with colleagues in the Distribution Centres who are mostly male. This case was considered by the European Court of Justice (as the case started before Brexit) and whilst it still has a long way to go, the ECJ Read more about All Equal at Tesco?[…]

Supreme Court in Aisle 2!

The two roles of shop floor workers and warehouse staff at Asda can be compared for assessing equal pay, the Supreme Court has ruled. The Supreme Court confirmed that the terms and conditions of shop floor staff and distribution centre workers can be compared with one another, even if the two groups of workers are Read more about Supreme Court in Aisle 2![…]