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Personal Hygiene

Stopping a stink in the workplace

Nobody likes an awkward conversation. And they don’t get much more awkward than having to tell someone that they smell. Whether an employee has bad breath, stinky clothes or strong body odour, it is not a pleasant situation for their colleagues or any customers or third parties they come into contact with. Managers may Read more about Stopping a stink in the workplace[…]

Justine Greening

First Government Gender Pay Gap Reported!

The Department for Education (DfE) has published its gender pay gap figures, becoming the first government department to do so. Its mean pay gap – the difference in average salaries for men and women – is 5.3%, and its median pay gap is 5.9%. How to measure and report a gender pay gap Gender Read more about First Government Gender Pay Gap Reported![…]

Men in Suits

Ditch the suits?

Workers sweltering in the heat should be allowed to ditch their suits and wear cooler attire instead, employers are being told. To help staff cope with the heatwave currently sweeping the UK, the TUC has urged firms to temporarily relax their dress codes and leave work all together if it gets too hot. The advice will Read more about Ditch the suits?[…]


Apprentices – they are the future!

Ebsford Environmental saw their annual turnover of £50,000 in the first year grow to £3 million. The firm’s Managing Director, Nick Hartley, believes that the success of the business, which has a 100% retention rate, is down to their apprenticeship offering. Their commitment to apprenticeships ensures 20% of staff at the firm are on, or Read more about Apprentices – they are the future![…]


Summer Luvin…….?

With temperatures hitting the high 20-degrees in the next few days, employers may have to deal with a raft of summer employment issues. Laura Merrylees sets out six common summer scenarios. Summer employment issues Should every weekend be a long weekend? Can employees be required to work from home if the transport system is disrupted Read more about Summer Luvin…….?[…]

Saudi Arabia and UK Flag

Which Jurisdiction?

Is the assessment of whether an employee has a strong connection to the UK (to give an employment tribunal territorial jurisdiction to consider a claim) objective rather than subjective? James English of Hempsons solicitors Yes, held the EAT in Green v SIG Trading Ltd. The Respondent (a limited company registered in the UK) employed the Claimant Read more about Which Jurisdiction?[…]

Legal Judgments

Online Tribunal Judgments

Online Judgments – are they are really useful resource for Employers, or, is it the key to the skeleton cupboard? The online database of employment tribunal judgments announced some time ago is now being populated with significant amounts of material. Users can now search employment tribunal judgments in England, Wales and Scotland by reference to Read more about Online Tribunal Judgments[…]

Facebook Symbols

Employees & Social Media

This is a question we get quite regularly “What can I do if my employee does something I don’t like on social media?” – well, in this particular case, the Employer was within their rights to dismiss. That isn’t always the case though – ask us if you need some assistance! An employment tribunal has Read more about Employees & Social Media[…]