Senior Management Appointment

We heard someone is starting a new role in senior management today…….. Not really sure whether there is too much to say here – the world will wait and watch to see what happens during President Trump’s first few days and weeks in office. What characteristics as a leader will serve him well, this article Read more about Senior Management Appointment[…]

Fathers in the Workplace

Are fathers unsupported in your workplace? This is your opportunity to contribute towards an enquiry run by the Women and Equalities Committee. Contribute to the inquiry here……

Friday 13th

EMPLOYERS: Don’t tempt fate!! Get your employment docs – contracts, policies and procedures updated today – contact us for info…..! It might be Friday 13th but that doesn’t mean that you have to be unlucky with your employment documents – your contracts, handbooks and policys can be given a proper review and we will feedback Read more about Friday 13th[…]

The ‘Gig’ Economy

Uber, CitySprint……. if you are an Employer in the ‘gig economy’ this is a worthwhile read…! Do you have employees doing jobs for you here and there – but without consistency and no clear employee rights? Are they self employed? Are they workers? Are they employees? Are they none of the above?